Josh Moore, Technology Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP, has been Stepping up for STEM with Lumity for more than a year. We caught up with him to hear more about what drives him to volunteer despite his busy schedule.

Lumity: Let’s jump right in. We love working with you, and you’ve been a super volunteer on a number of levels. What drives you to take time out of your busy schedule to lend us a hand?

Josh: I have a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and education—and I fell in love with Lumity’s mission and vision because of that. STEM education can make a difference in someone’s life, opening the door to a variety of opportunities. I think the way Lumity is tackling access to education, particularly STEM education, is the perfect way to solve a variety of other social challenges. I have been fortunate enough to receive incredible opportunities early on in my career because of my STEM education and believe all students in Chicago should have access to those opportunities as well.

Lumity: Your own experience speaks to your passion for STEM Education. You have a degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Economics and Entrepreneurship from Purdue University, where you received significant recognition for your academic achievement. Tell us a bit about your background.

Josh: I always liked math and science, but STEM didn’t really come alive for me until I started studying Industrial Engineering at Purdue. That’s where I really began to see its benefits. STEM taught me how to think logically and gave me valuable skills that I now use all of the time. I learned how to break down complex problems—not just at work but in life also. During college, I worked at several companies, including a few start-ups. Now at Deloitte, I help various businesses solve multifaceted challenges through technological innovation and the mindset I learned from my degree in STEM.

Lumity: You’ve certainly been helpful to us as we take on our tech-related initiatives and address certain challenges. What would you tell your peers about your work with Lumity?

Josh: Lumity’s mission is a rare combination of STEM, entrepreneurship, and education. A great aspect of my volunteer work with Lumity is that I’m using my skills and strengths for a mission I can get behind. So, to my peers: If you are a STEM professional and looking for ways to give back to Chicago and become involved in the community, Lumity is the perfect place to start. It’s becoming more and more important that students are not only educated but that they are educated in STEM and entrepreneurship. Your time and talent can and will make a huge impact in Chicago.


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