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Ready to become a Lumity volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Lumity! We have a variety of opportunities for all professionals to help prepare every student for a sustainable career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and beyond. Please complete the online application to get started!

If you have questions contact Querube Della Cella at 312-237-4214 or


Read and download the overview of current virtual volunteer opportunities.

STEM Talks

STEM Talk speakers can make a significant impact — both professionally and personally — on today’s high school students. STEM Talk speakers share what inspired and motivated them in both their life and career journey with a group of students in the classroom. Lumity provides professional coaches who help prepare you to engage with students, whether it is a:

  • Small group chat (up to 8 students);
  • Interview-style with a typical classroom (up to 30 students); or
  • TEDx style format (up to 60 students) Lumity’s STEM Talk program provides some great options for individuals wanting to improve their public speaking and presentation skills.

Real World Projects

Lumity’s Real World Projects (RWP) provide high school students with the hands-on opportunity to solve problems relevant to their school and community. Over the course of several months, students work on an RWP while gaining teamwork, career readiness, and presentation skills. Corporate volunteers support the problem-solving process as it happens in the classroom by coaching student teams.

Top performing teams from each school compete in a STEM Fair at Lumity’s Annual Dinner on March 15, 2018. We hope you’ll attend the Annual Dinner to see the impact of the great work you’re doing and to cheer on our students.

This is a great option for individuals who want to further develop their delegation and management skills.


Career Site Visits

Lumity’s STEM career readiness program gives students the opportunity to design solutions for real world problems and make our communities better while preparing for lifelong STEM careers. We connect hands-on problem solving, teamwork, and social/emotional skills with real life. You can help them make these connections by coaching student teams in the classrooms during these time-limited projects.

One-Day Challenges

Lumity partners with a corporate host to bring a group of students to their office and solve a problem over the course of a day, while getting coaching from corporate volunteers.

You can volunteer to be a coach at a One-Day Challenge hosted by your company and/or another host company.

We hear from corporate hosts that the planning and implementation of a Career Site Visit and/or One-Day Challenges provide opportunities for networking, deepens existing relationships, reduces silos and improves morale among employees.


STEM Saturdays

Students accepted into the Student Based Enterprise get hands-on training to be part of a “company” providing technology needs assessments, website and mobile app development for real clients.

As a volunteer, you can leverage your business and/or technical skills to coach student teams for 2 hours on a Saturday as they work with on their projects and with their clients. This is a perfect volunteer opportunity if you are interested in enhancing your coaching, delegation, providing feedback skills.

One-Day Challenges

Saturday One-Day Challenges are the same as the Workday One-Day Challenges. Lumity organizes Saturday events for hosting companies and volunteers that prefer the weekend.

These events are still held at a corporate host’s office where students solve a problem over the course of a day, while getting coaching from corporate volunteers.

You can volunteer to be a coach at a One-Day Challenge hosted by your company and/or another host company.