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Virtual Volunteer Opportunities with Lumity

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Lumity! We have a variety of opportunities for all professionals to help prepare every student for a sustainable career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and beyond. Please complete the online application to get started! If you have questions contact Querube Della Cella at 312-237-4214 or

Download the overview of current virtual volunteer opportunities.


STEM Talks

STEM Talks engage students in personal stories from a diverse group of STEM leaders. Our speakers highlight past challenges and choices and bring to life what students learn through examples of their own personal and career journeys.

Students learn how speakers leveraged mistakes into achievements, set goals, and navigated high school, post-secondary, job interviews, and daily STEM work life. Students report that the STEM Talks help them imagine future possibilities and connect those possibilities to concrete actions they can take.

We’re looking for STEM professionals who have a story worth sharing! Let us know you are interested, and we will connect you with a professional speaking coach who will help you prepare to be a STEM Talk Speaker. 

  • Plan on spending approximately 3–5 hours getting prepared for your first speaking engagement.
  • We ask speakers to do at least two virtual STEM Talks
    (two class periods) twice a year. 

Meet our STEM Talk speakers.

STEMWorks Talking Thursdays

STEMWorks trains and places youth ages 18–24 into entry-level STEM-related full-time employment, launching careers in healthcare, manufacturing, IT, finance, transportation, distribution and logistics, and construction.

Pay it forward by sharing life and career tips with STEMWorks participants via zoom on a Thursday at 11:15 a.m. and at 2:15 p.m. for 30 minutes each session. The STEMWorks team will help you narrow the focus of your conversation with the youth. New cohorts of youth start every quarter, so you’ll be able to participate in Talking Thursdays every three months as desired!

Learn more about STEMWorks

Tutoring Program

Lumity is piloting a tutoring program for high school freshmen enrolled in Lumity’s STEM Career Prep program to help students succeed in their courses. Tutoring sessions take place virtually on Google Meets weekly after school hours beginning March through June 2021. Tutors will be paired with two students to assist them with their individualized homework needs. Potential homework subjects include freshman physics, biology, computer science, chemistry, and written and verbal communication skills.

As a tutor, you’ll receive guidance on how to facilitate tutoring sessions, tips on how to engage with teenagers, and protocols. Sessions will be monitored by Lumity staff and teachers to support you as a tutor. 


Career Site Visits

Career Site Visits provide students with interactive experiences about the corporate host’s industry, workplace setting, job opportunities, and responsibilities.

  • Corporate virtual Site Visits usually are about three hours long on a school day. 
  • Lumity has a template to help you and your colleagues structure the experience. 
  • Visits are often touring your offices, meeting STEM leaders to learn about their career paths, and completing a job-related interactive project that relates to your core business. 
  • Group size ranges from 25–30 students. 

One-Day Challenges

One Day Challenges are events where student teams work to solve a problem—either a real-world issue or a business challenge. Corporate volunteers work with the students from forming initial ideas to presenting their solutions. A panel of professionals then judge all presentations. 

  • One Day Challenges usually are about five hours on
    a school day. 
  • Lumity has a template to help you and your colleagues structure your unique experience for the students. 
  • Group size ranges from 25–30 students.

Your company can host a One Day Challenge, or you and
other colleagues can volunteer at a One Day Challenge
hosted by another company where a larger group of students
will be participating. 

Preparing every student for a career in STEM.

As you can see, we have an opportunity for anyone interested in helping to prepare underserved teens and young adults for a career in STEM.

Ready to get started? If you have any questions, contact Querube Della Cella at (312) 237-4214 or email at

NEW CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS (CPS) SAFETY POLICY PLEASE NOTE: All volunteers working virtually with high school students must have a CPS background check completed before volunteering. We’ll provide you with the necessary details to obtain your CPS background clearance.