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STEM Programs

Chicago STEM programs that improve student outcomes

We take a different approach to STEM nonprofit programming by prioritizing long-term learning opportunities, skill development, and industry connections. Our STEM Career Prep and STEMWorks programs take place over years — not months — enabling our students to build on their skills and reflect on their progress. And because we measure our success with third-party evaluators, we continuously improve our programs to help our students achieve more.

Giving students lifelong skills with STEM Career Prep

High school is a pivotal time for teens with STEM ambitions,  but many Chicagoland students lack the resources to pursue opportunities beyond their secondary education. STEM Career Prep, our comprehensive four-year program, changes that. With the help of our partner schools and corporations, we provide our students with the in-class instruction and real-world experience they need for a lifelong STEM career and personal growth.

Student wearing lab glasses observing teacher label a vial in lab classroom


of students in STEM Career Prep have reported improved STEM competencies

Empowering young adults with STEMWorks

We know the road to college isn’t easy or immediate for many recent high school graduates. That’s why we developed STEMWorks, an intensive employment program that creates new pathways to STEM success. Our corporate partners and volunteers guide young adults through STEMWorks to help them apply to college or place them in entry-level positions.

Young woman wearing a gray beret and mask with open hands talking with someone


of students in our STEMWorks program achieved positive outcomes

Measured results, real outcomes

We’re committed to building programs that make a concrete difference in our students’ lives. Our partner, Pariveda Solutions, created a mobile app that enables us to track student and teacher feedback in real time. Additionally, third-party evaluators measure the success of STEM Career Prep and STEM Works as a part of our partnerships with Outlier Research and Evaluation at The University of Chicago and Mission Measurement.

Lumity team with masks on using a cell phone


third-party evaluations of our program components and results


Join Lumity in person or virtually at our STEMTalks, career site visits, tutoring, one day challenges, or other events.


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