We join so many others in mourning the loss of Harold Davis. If you’ve worked with youth in Chicago, then you knew—or at least knew of—Harold. For Lumity, Harold inspired our vision of engaging all students in STEM education and creating pathways to various STEM careers.

We were introduced to Harold and his youth summer jobs program through Jadine Chou, Chief of Safety & Security at CPS and Becky Betts at Chicago CRED. Within a year, we were partnering to provide his students with STEM career experiences and training. This partnership became the start of Lumity’s now Pre-Apprenticeship program that recently placed 32 graduates of Chicago alternative high schools into entry-level STEM positions.

Harold was a true leader in every sense of the world. He helped us launch a program that wasn’t his, simply because he knew it helps kids. He informed our Pre-Apprenticeship program plan, gave us feedback, attended our kick-off and helped us engage and support youth who were frustrated with school and needed other experiences toward a successful career path.

Harold was generous with his knowledge, his time and his energy. He changed the lives of thousands of Chicago youth—reaching well beyond the ones he worked with directly. We are all grateful.

We invite you to listen to this WBEZ story on Harold.