Lumity Pre-Apprenticeship Program: Graduate Marcell Lewis on putting his computer skills to work at Mess

“Lumity was the perfect experience. It gave me options for what I could do after high school, and I chose to focus on computers. I’ve always loved technology, and now I’m doing user testing. Lumity prepared me for this experience, and I see it as a stepping stone toward becoming a programmer.”
—Marcell Lewis
User Testing & Quality Assurance, Mess

By the end of high school, Marcell Lewis was missing a lot of classes and, as he explains, “losing his motivation to be in school.” With a switch to Ombudsman West, an alternative high school, Marcell regained his focus and then grabbed the opportunity to join Lumity’s Pre-Apprenticeship program.

Working with our team, Marcell explored different job opportunities, particularly blossoming during the computer class we offered. He describes the experience as “finally learning something I really wanted to do” since completing a robotics class and a computer class early on in high school.

Now at Mess, Marcell is following his passion and getting paid for his work. He has learned to test bugs in software and edit videos manually. As importantly, he is excited about the opportunities in front of him: “In my position now, I have a chance to increase my income while learning more programming without having to be in college right away.”

Marcell also has some great advice for Lumity’s next cohort of pre-apprenticeship students this upcoming summer: “I wasn’t used to getting up for an 8-hour job; I never had an 8-hour job before. Lumity prepared me for this experience. It will benefit you too.”


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