Karen Manilow on Why She Supports Lumity

“Lumity just struck a chord among so many organizations. I like that it is a Chicago-based nonprofit that is really making a difference for students.”

— Karen Manilow, Lumity Supporter, STEM Leader & Math Teacher

Karen Manilow is one of Lumity’s newest supporters. She is passionate about kids, about learning, about equity in education. And Karen is one of those STEM leaders who too often is overlooked—a veteran math teacher.

“Math is engaging and fun when taught conceptually. As a math teacher, my job is not to tell students how to solve a math problem, but to help them develop strategies so that they can figure out the problems themselves,” Karen explains. “I was never the top math student in a class, but my own experiences grappling with math helped me understand where my students are struggling and how to guide them.”

Leveling the STEM Playing Field

As the daughter of Chicago philanthropist Lewis Manilow, Karen is carving out her own space for making a difference. As Karen told us, “Lumity shares my interests and passions. It’s just a fit. There are too many kids who don’t have the opportunities and supports that my kids, my friends’ kids, and my students have. I have a desire to level the playing field and create equal opportunities so that all kids can pursue their potential.”

With Karen’s support, Lumity is helping Chicago students do just that. Gifts like Karen’s play a critical role in helping us to provide transformational STEM experiences that prepare youth for college and STEM-related careers.

We invite you to join Karen as partners in our work.