Tre’von Nelson is a rising senior at Chicago Vocational Career Academy. He began interning at Lumity in early July as part of the Early College STEM School summer internship program. Tre’von works closely with Daniel Olsen, STEM program manager. In just a few short weeks, the two have formed a bond due to their working styles and common interests in entertainment and technology.

Tre’von has a serious enthusiasm for games and game design. He’s an artist, too; he draws and writes poetry. As of right now, he has the goal to combine all of these skills to pursue a career in game development. His passion lies with using gaming to teach valuable life lessons, illustrating right from wrong in a fun and creative way. Therefore, Tre’von plans to study marketing, game design and art after he graduates next spring.

Focusing on this summer and the internship, Tre’von has a few goals in mind before the end of the six-week program. He’s looking at this job as a chance to have fun, experience working in an office setting, learn about the roles and careers of Lumity’s employees, and of course, save up some money. Tre’von aims to buy his own laptop to make homework and gaming more accessible.

Facts about Tre’von
Favorite music artist/band: Crush 40
Favorite book/comic: Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics
Favorite subject(s) in school: American history & science
Goal for his senior year: open up and express himself more, be willing to share his thoughts
Best piece of advice: “Never give up!” Tre’von added another bit of motivation, “Once I was called a failure and I’m going to prove them wrong.”
Hobbies: drawing, gaming, YouTube and writing poems
Mentor/role model: His grandmother; “she’s a leader and wise woman,” he said.
Tre’von also sees what he could become in his mentor Daniel. They share a lot of the same interests and Daniel encourages him to work hard and pursue those interests.