Czar Carson, a recent graduate from Lindblom Math & Science Academy in West Englewood, is taking the summer to get ahead. He recently completed a class at Kennedy-King College with Daniel Olsen, Introduction to Computer Science – Python.

Carson has many talents, including track & field, playing the guitar and exploring technology. His first experience building tech was at a summer camp called Little Hands. Carson attended the camp at the beginning of high school and it set him on a path towards the tech field. At the camp, he built a website and has been exploring opportunities in the tech field since that time.

His family is very supportive of his career goals. In fact, Carson is not a first-generation techie. His uncle is a computer programmer so he’s had familiarity with the field and opportunities within it for some time.

Carson describes his school’s neighborhood of West Englewood as one that is up-and-coming and interested in tech. He sees many kids his age engaged in tech, participating in programs and camps like he has. Part of that is due to Lindblom’s emphasis on STEM and the gradual integration of tech in the classroom. Carson says it varies by teacher, but there are many who have adopted tech in the classroom at some level, through the use of laptops and tablets. For example, one teacher had the class participate in’s Hour of Code last fall. Through this integration, Carson has learned that technology isn’t all that daunting.

Carson’s favorite superhero is Iron Man and that tells you a lot about his personality and outlook on life. Iron Man is a self-made hero, building his own company and equipment and not relying on natural-born abilities. He uses technology to overcome obstacles and uses his knowledge for the benefit of others as well was himself. Carson hopes to do the same.