STEMWorks. Creating New Pathways to STEM Careers.

Not all recent high school grads want or are ready to attend college immediately. Lumity and our partners are creating new pathways to STEM career opportunities and success—and making sure post-secondary education is an option for all graduates when they are ready.

STEMWorks is an intensive, holistic employment program for recent graduates from Chicagoland’s alternative schools and under-resourced traditional high schools. Working with our corporate partners, Lumity engages, trains, and places young adults into high-quality STEM-related, entry positions and then guides and supports them through the first year of their new job.

STEMWorks placed 70% of our first cohort in STEM-related positions with IT, healthcare, and manufacturing corporate partners and many were promoted during their first year on the job. The majority of the remaining cohort members either accepted other employment offers, are pursuing post-secondary education, or moved out of state.

“There is no direct path to success. Create a road map but know that you may travel in some different directions.”

– Mark Fechner, Mark Fechner Coaching & STEMWorks volunteer on setting goals and decision making