There’s a movement in STEM that’s picking up steam.

Tech leaders are partnering with Lumity to help buoy STEM students in underserved communities.

But this is about way more than charity. This is about leadership.

This is about industry trailblazers who are stepping up, not out of altruism, but as an investment in STEM’s very future. Because STEM fields are dependent on kids with drive—kids with the fire to become the world’s next STEM leaders.

This is about appreciating that passion and nurturing it, not letting it go to waste.

This is about seeing a little of yourself in aspiring STEM students and remembering and respecting the people who helped you along the way.

It’s about paying it forward.

And when you see who’s stepping up for STEM, you’ll see the true visionaries of the tech world.

These are the real leaders in STEM. Because they’re stepping up for kids who could change the world.