Goal Setting Your Roadmap to Success

As part of Lumity’s STEMWorks employment program, Mark Fechner, a certified career professional coach, recently stopped by our virtual

classroom to share invaluable advice on goal setting, decision-making, and career choices. 

Presenting to a cohort of recent Chicagoland high school graduates, Mark discussed his experience helping and working with professionals across various industries. The guest speaker’s most powerful lesson was that there’s no cookie-cutter approach to success, especially within STEM careers, and challenges will often lead to life-changing opportunities.

“There is no direct path to success; create a road map but know that you may travel in some different directions,” Mark said. 

During the Q&A, one of our students expressed an interest in Mark’s background in trading, which led to a mentorship offer from the speaker. It was a deeply impactful experience and just the type of opportunities we are looking to provide to the youth we serve. Thank you, Mark!

Learn more about our STEMWorks program here. And if you’re a STEM professional interested in sharing your career journey with our students, please reach out to Lumity’s Associate Director Charlisa Pugh at [email protected] or by calling (312) 237-4209.