This week, we’re introducing you to the three teams of STEM Saturdays, in preparation for the final competition on Saturday, June 20th.

VolunTech is helping a 57 year-old organization take their established web presence from good to great. Samer, Safi, Malysia, Helen and Brianna are working with the Chessmen Club of the North Shore, represented by Bryant Wallace (pictured above). This established local nonprofit organization is steeped in tradition and dedicated to providing afterschool programs and scholarships to high school students in the Evanston area.

With the support of volunteer coaches from Allstate Insurance Company, they introduced a more contemporary look and feel for the Chessmen’s website, and even created an updated logo. They learned the importance of bringing the mission to the forefront of the messaging and having it supported by the history of the organization’s success. They researched the best technology tools to find one that would work with the current platform and are acquiring technology skills as they work to implement their ideas.

In addition to gaining experience, the students have the chance to win a $1,000 scholarship for each of them. Come to the judging event on Saturday, June 20th, to see if VolunTech will win the competition. Click here for more information.