This week, we’re introducing you to the three teams of STEM Saturdays in preparation for the final competition on Saturday, June 20th.

Erikah, Ramsha, Merced and Alex have been working closely with their client, J and J Transportation Service, to help this small business establish a web presence. With the death of the founder of the company, there were many employees who would have been out of work if the founder’s son, Jay Nesbitt, didn’t continue his father’s legacy while still working his full-time corporate position. The students did their research to find the best platform to meet their client’s needs for quick and easy updates.

When they started the program, none of the students had any technology experience and with the guidance of their GE Capital coaches, they’ve learned to do more than they ever thought they could accomplish. Through this program, they’ve gained business skills, technical skills and soft skills to help them work better as a team.

In addition to all the experience, the students have the chance to win a $1,000 scholarship for each of them. Come to the judging event on Saturday, June 20th, to see if the TC Generators will win the competition. Click here for more information.