“Lumity helped me get my job. My whole attitude and the way I do things is because of Lumity. They helped me get focused and helped me figure out what I need to do for my future. They didn’t give up on us. They pushed us and they really care.” – Adrian Willis


Better than Kale: Lumity News that Makes You Feel Good

In her first full-time job out of school, Adrian Willis is making a difference as a guest service and hospitality aide for Legacy Healthcare. Adrian works directly with 20 patients and, as she tells us, “is doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing—working in medicine.” She has her sights set on nursing and plans on applying to schools in the future.

Adrian is a graduate of Lumity’s Pre-Apprenticeship program and the valedictorian of the Chicago Excel Academy of Englewood, an alternative high school. The Pre-Apprenticeship program is designed specifically to support new alternative high school graduates in career and college preparation. Adrian credits the program for guiding her in developing better communication skills. Although Adrian describes herself as “shy,” through Lumity, she has learned to become comfortable working with other people. As Adrian explains, “Lumity taught me how to be around other people. It has helped me open up to other people, talk more, and listen to others.”

The ultimate compliment? Adrian’s grandmother has also noticed her growth: “She says I’ve changed a lot. She is glad I was becoming more independent.”