100% Wall Worthy!

A rite of passage for our students is receiving the Lumity Certificate when they successfully complete the term’s program. Wait! Don’t roll your eyes. It’s not one of those “participation awards” or “just another piece of paper.” The Lumity Certificate means so much more.

At our last certificate ceremony, one particular student was absent. The following day we pulled him aside to present his certificate. He didn’t expect to have this mini-ceremony and was deeply moved to be acknowledged. When we presented the certificate to him, he said, “My dad will be so proud.”

The Lumity Certificate signifies his son learned key professional skills and accomplished challenging STEM-related tasks. His son now knows how to ask high-quality questions, collaborate, grow from his mistakes and more. He has also learned to identify real-world challenges and design STEM solutions using the Total Quality Management (TQM) problem-solving approach. These are skills used in all STEM careers—and, really, in life in general!

The following week we ran into the student in the hallway, said “Hi,” and asked, “What did your dad say about the Certificate?”  His response? “He hung it on the wall.”