STEM Talks

STEM professionals from a variety of industries, and often some of the same neighborhoods as the students, share what inspired and motivated them in both their life and career journey. Through this experience, students can begin to visualize their future differently.

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Meet the Lumity STEM Talk Speakers

Haroon Arrasheed

IT Program Manager at Career and Technical Education and STEM High Schools, Chicago Public Schools District

“You can overcome challenges at all levels”

Beth Bond

Founder of ForGoods and Founder of Community Startups, an incubator and accelerator program for CPS youth.

“Your perspective can change the world”

Seli Cerda

Supervisor of Application Support, CDW

“You are important enough to make an impact”

Tyrone “Tye” Clark

Director of Business Continuity Management, CNA Insurance

“Resiliency: A life skill and a business need”

Danny David

Manager, Ernst & Young (EY)

“You’ve got nothing to lose”

Bobby J. Ford

Division Vice President for Information Security and Risk Management, Abbott Laboratories

“Being Hungry”

Charles Gill

Owner, Creating Life Goals, LLC

“Whatever life throws at you, be prepared”

Miguel Guerra

Senior Network Solution Architect, American Digital Corporation

“The choices you make determine the life you live”

Andee Harris

Chief Engagement Officer, Highground

“Don’t get furious, get curious!”

Sara Hruska

Senior Sales Executive, NTT Data

“Taking control of your personal brand”

Aaron Hutchens

Regional Unix Supervisor, IPsoft

“Passion Speaks”

Vernon Johnson

D & I Academic Relations Specialist, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

“Finding the right track”

Greg Jones

Chief Diversity, United Airlines

“The Sum of my experiences”

Andy Khorshid

Digital Transformation Thought Leader, Pivotal

“A purpose-driven life”

Kyle Lucas

“Education doesn’t stop at graduation”

Arunashish Majumdar

“Change is the only constant”

Vericia Miller

“Helping people find their future”

Tyler Mose

“Measuring time with a calendar instead of a stopwatch”

Diana Mucci

“All Roads Lead to STEM”

Victoria Ocholla

“Fearlessly Chase Down Your Biggest Goals in Life”

Ahmed “Flex” Omar

“Making connections”

David Pelot

“A direction, not a destination”

Luna Rajbhandari

“From BASIC to big data”

Ajith (AJ) Rao

“Learning is the most useful skill”

William J. Reed

“Finding the best job for me”

Jeff Rosset

Networking for life

Vip Sandhir

“You don’t have to be the smartest – you just have to work the hardest”

Carmen Santiago-Keenon

“Stay aware of the opportunities presented in life, and look to make some of your own”

Karriem Shakoor

“Technology Gave Me a Future”

Alok Sharma

“Change: the only constant”

Jack Shedd

“An unnecessary amount of hard work”

Paul Shipp, P.E., Ph.D.

“Engineering life”

Chandrika Shrinivasan

“Dare to dream and never lose hope”

Aaron Sims

“Making the most of your failures”

Rosemary Swierk

“The Power of Your Strengths.”

Chris Thomas

“Use passion as your primary guide to following your dreams.”

Ken Townsend

“Preparing for success in an unknown world.”

Paula Tripp

“Seventh grade science fair launches a 6 figure career.”

Nicole Walker

“Staying True to What You Enjoy”

Bryant O. C. Wallace

“Turning obstacles into opportunities”

Salena Whitfield

“A passion for winning”

Caren Young

“If I can do it, so can you!”