Who We Are

Our mission is to provide teens and young adults from underserved communities with transformational experiences to prepare them for lifelong STEM careers.

Lumity partners with more than 25 companies to develop Chicagoland’s next generation of STEM leaders and entrepreneurs. In partnership with Chicago Public Schools, we assist teachers in making STEM learning exciting and relevant. We bring corporate mentors into schools—and students into companies. And we bring both out into the field to design tech-based solutions to our city’s challenges.

Together, we break down the barriers between underserved communities, our schools, and business. STEM careers are growing in Chicago, but too many of our teens can’t access those opportunities.

They don’t have the necessary learning experiences—nor professional guidance—necessary for success in the STEM fields.

Our city and companies are at risk of missing out. As the STEM leaders of the future, Chicago’s teens will offer different perspectives, fresh ideas, and new energy—but they need the right experiences and foundational support now. Lumity and our partners are going straight at this challenge. And we are making an impact.