Our History

Lumity is the combination of two nonprofits: IT Resource Center (ITRC) and the Nonprofit Financial Center (NFC). Established by the Trust in 1984, ITRC was created to expedite access to technologies available in corporations to nonprofits, and provide computer consulting and training to nonprofits. Also in 1984, the Donors Forum created NFC to provide bookkeeping, accounting, and finance services for nonprofits. In 2007, ITRC acquired NFC and changed its name to Lumity (illuminate + community).

For over 30 years, Lumity provided training and capacity building services to nonprofits. In 2002, Lumity launched Community Technology Centers (CTCs) with 22 organizations with funding from Elizabeth Morse Genius Trust of which 17 remain in operation.

In 2013, Lumity completed CTC Connect, a two-year project to increase the capacity and sustainability of CTCs in partnership with the Smart Chicago Collaborative and the City of Chicago. During the two year CTC Connect program, 323 individuals gained employment. In year one, 143 individuals obtained jobs making an average of $15/hour; a year later, 135 were still employed.  These high retention rates caught our attention which eventually led to the creation of Lumity’s Career Readiness & STEM Pathways program.