“None of us made it on our own. Someone has given us that helpful nudge at some point. It’s important that you reach back and do the same for someone else,” Miguel Guerra, Winner of the Daily Point of Light Award, said about why he makes mentoring and sharing his story with students a priority.

January is National Mentoring Month and Lumity is taking the opportunity to highlight the value of mentoring and encourage more individuals to take the time to mentor a young person.

The goals of Lumity’s participation in National Mentoring Month are to:

  • raise awareness of mentoring in its various forms
  • recruit individuals to mentor & become active, positive influences in the lives of young community members and students
  • thank our current and past mentors for the incredible impact they have had in our programs and the lives of Chicagoland students

All throughout this month, we’ll be sharing stories that highlight the positive impact of mentoring. Lumity will also offer resources on mentoring and opportunities to become a mentor.

We ask students and young professionals who currently have a mentor in their lives (formally or informally) to take the time and thank that person for the role they play in your success. Feel free to share your stories, resources or opportunities for mentoring through social media and tag #MentoringMonth.

To get started, here is an article from The Business of HR on why you should make mentoring part of your new year and the infographic below from NationalMentoringMonth.org illustrates 10 Reasons Why Mentoring Works.