This week marks the halfway point for the participants of the Summer Youth Employment Program. In the last two and a half weeks, current and recent high school students aged 16-24 have learned valuable workplace and life skills and already received their first paycheck. (A previous post on Lumity’s blog offers more details about the program.)

The 34 participants formed three companies and designed a logo and company description. The three companies are:

Click To the Future – One Click can save a glitch
Our services provide an affordable and quick technology assessment that guarantees high quality solutions. Our business is positioned to deliver excellent customer service and fulfill practical maintenance. We are trained professional technicians, who are committed to performing at an exceeding level.

Gamma TechRefining the future of technology
We offer fast reliable service when it comes to your technology assessment. Gamma Tech has professional experts who will give you reliable and professional service, who we ensure you will take their time to help you to the best of our abilities. We have curious minds that will work around the clock to better help you.

Ultra Tech
Have you ever experienced a company that is technologically well-rounded? Ultra Tech is a loyal company committed to satisfying our customers. We think within long term futuristic goals. We have ambitious, trained team leaders who are content with working swiftly and obtaining optimistic views. We will provide the highest quality of technology assessments and recommended solutions.

Just four days into the program employees met with perspective clients, local nonprofits with various technology needs. The groups took the time to understand the problems, ask questions of the clients, and put together a statement of work over the next few days.

The employees have also worked on “soft skills” like team communication, active

listening, working from a growth mindset and asking high-quality questions to get better, specific answers.

The employees have hosted several guests who share their personal stories as well as their professional expertise. Bryant O.C. Wallace of WallScott Solutions, Victoria Ocholla, an attorney at Northstar Lottery Group, Adam Garcia of Nectel Technologies, and Miguel Guerra of CDW have all spent several hours each working with the students on their technology assessments and discussing future careers.

Wallace told them his story of making four goals to reach before he turned thirty. One his thirtieth birthday, after completing his last goal (starting his own company), he asked his mother what he should do next. She told him once he reached his goals, it was time to create new goals. Wallace also talked about the importance of seeing each obstacle as an opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed.

Guerra spoke to the value of making good choices. A person can always blame other factors, Guerra said, like parents, friends, society, government, the list goes on. However, a person has the power to make choices to get on, and stay on, the right path.

At the beginning of the third week, they got to take a day “off” and visit the Chicago Harbor Locks run by the US Army Corps of Engineers. There, they spent the day near Navy Pier, exploring the headquarters, meeting with engineers and trying out stationing and structural problems of their own.

The rest of week three was spent preparing their final solutions and presentations for the clients. These will take place in the beginning of week four.

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