January 15 in Thank Your Mentor Day.

Five ways to thank your mentor:

  1. Send a thank you card. This small but meaningful gesture shows you’re taking the time to recognize and appreciate your mentor.
  2. Call your mentor. Touch base with your mentor, even if you don’t speak regularly, the impact he or she has on your life is big and you should update your mentor on any news in your life. Don’t forget to actually say the words “thank you”!
  3. Express your gratitude in the moment. When your mentor meets with you, offers advice or feedback or helps you solve a problem, tell that person you appreciate it.
  4. Pay it forward. Take the time to mentor someone else, formally or informally, and share the wisdom and guidance you received from a mentor in your life. You have the power to impact many people in a meaningful way.
  5. Make a financial contribution to a local mentoring program in your mentor’s (or mentee’s) honor.

How are you thanking your mentor? Tweet us using #SomeoneWhoMatters and #MentoringWorks throughout January and share your mentoring stories.