Lumity Welcomes Sinai Chicago as New STEM Partner

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Sinai Chicago! Chicagoland’s leading healthcare system, Sinai Chicago plays a critical role in keeping our communities safe and healthy. They’re also committing to building the next generation of STEM professionals through Lumity’s STEMWorks program.

Win/Win: Preparing the workforce, supporting communities

“We have a successful externship program for college students, why wouldn’t we do the same for youth development?” explains Patronella Gabaake, Sinai Chicago’s Director for Talent Acquisition. “It’s in line with our commitment to making a difference in the community. We’re being strategic about building a pipeline for future openings.”

STEMWorks: Building talent in Chicago

It’s a melding of the minds with Lumity. An extension of our successful Pre-Apprenticeship program, STEMWorks is a job placement and development program specifically for recent graduates from Chicagoland’s alternative high schools. STEMWorks prepares young adults without post-secondary plans for high demand STEM jobs—so we build and keep talent here.

Our first cohort has seen great success in their first year in STEM roles, with promotions, enrollment in STEM college and certification programs, and strong job retention rates. More than a few already received nursing assistant certifications and are pursuing a degree in nursing.

The Sinai Chicago/Lumity partnership: Meeting Chicagoland’s healthcare demands

The Sinai Chicago/Lumity partnership is designed specifically to meet Chicagoland’s demand for healthcare workers. While STEMWorks is just kicking off, our youth are super excited about their current and future opportunities with Sinai Chicago. In Patronella’s words, “The national competition for attracting nurses, technicians and healthcare professionals is extreme. Our partnership with Lumity meets an immediate and long-term need for Sinai Chicago and our communities.”

If you’re interested in becoming a potential employer for STEMWorks graduates, please contact Charlisa Pugh at [email protected].