Charlisa Pugh on Passion Work

STEMWorks is Passion Work

Lumity is thrilled to have Charlisa Pugh as our new Director of STEMWorks. While new to Lumity, Charlisa is an experienced professional who has dedicated her career to helping youth find and pursue their career passions. That, in turn, is her passion.

STEMWorks Success Rates

Lumity’s STEMWorks program engages, trains, and places young adults who have graduated from high school or earned their GED into STEM-related entry-level positions. It’s seeing terrific results—more than 70% of participants accept a position with our partner companies and many are promoted within the first year. Others pursue other job opportunities and/or post-secondary education.

“STEMWorks is more than a workforce development program. We are committed to helping young adults learn to get and keep a job while growing professionally and personally. Our participants receive up to 180 hours of social-emotional learning (soft skills) training, workplace readiness training, and mentoring during their first year of employment,” explains Charlisa.  “Additionally, we are committed to helping our employer partners learn to provide safe, culturally sensitive, employee-centered workplaces.  That is key to the success of the program—and to their company!”

Authentic System of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Charlisa is spot on. STEMWorks helps our partner companies put in place an authentic, successful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion system for entry-level positions and pathways to future careers. That’s exactly why Charlisa joined the team.

“Lumity was doing this type of work long before people were talking about it,” notes Charlisa. “I wanted to work for an organization that successfully partners with historically underrepresented communities, particularly with African American youth. The mission of the organization and my personal mission are perfectly aligned.”

The STEMWorks team is currently developing training and tools for employers to help them with DEI and to better work with young adults from diverse backgrounds. “I’m thankful that companies are seeing the importance of this work. There is power in people having different pathways to successful careers,” Charlisa adds. “Because of the types of partnerships STEMWorks is creating, young adults have an opportunity to rise out of poverty through STEM-related jobs. This not only changes their life trajectory but the trajectory of their families. I have seen this impact first hand in my own life.”

Interested in quality entry-level STEM talent? Become a STEMWorks Employer

Charlisa welcomes companies interested in hiring and developing STEM-related, entry-level talent to contact her directly at [email protected] or by phone at (312) 237-4209.