Raheed Davis, Program Facilitator
Lumity: Power of Diversity

What we love about the Lumity Network is that connects people from across a variety of STEM industries and companies around social good.  It’s the diversity of the Network that attracted Raheed Davis, one of our program facilitators, to our organization a few years back.

“It’s not just the Lumity staff and students who are diverse, but the entire organization and Network” explains Raheed. “There is always a wide range of people—older and younger, CEOs and interns—at our Lumity events. That’s what makes it so interesting and special.”

Raheed’s interest in different cultures and people from different backgrounds was ignited in his Chicago high school and cultivated during his time in the military when he traveled the states. “I grew up in Hyde Park but went to high school on the West Side, where I met kids from all different backgrounds,” says Raheed.  “Attending high school in another neighborhood really opened up my eyes to different communities and made me curious about other parts of our country and world.”

These experiences have honed Raheed’s cultural competency skills and, fast forward to today, have made him such an effective and valuable member of Lumity’s team. As Raheed tells it, “My work with Lumity is really my calling card. I am connecting with students and can see the positive multigenerational changes they are making because of our work together. I think Lumity is really like a family. We are so diverse, and each one of us is unique, but we share common values.”

Interested in joining the Lumity family? We welcome you to get involved!