Ramsha Essa, “Lumity was the start of my career journey.”

We are excited to share more good news about our Lumity alums! Ramsha Essa is heading to Saggezza and will be part of their Project Sprout program, an innovative initiative to grow their next-gen of software engineers.

A 2021 graduate from Loyola University Chicago, Ramsha has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering and Digital Media (plus she is a novelist to boot!). As Ramsha explained to us, the double major allowed her to build her technical knowledge, creativity, and professional career skills—which is the perfect combination for working in a tech consultancy.

Of course, we are also thrilled to share (and brag a bit!) that Ramsha credits her high school experience with Lumity for laying the foundation for her STEM skills and interest and inspiring her to attend college. “I give huge credit to Lumity for helping me get where I am,” Ramsha recently told our team. “I enjoyed almost everything when I was in the program and it became an eye-opener to a lot of different opportunities I would have had no idea about.”  

This is exactly why we do what we do—and why our company partnerships are so powerful for Chicago teens. Our corporate partners provide experiences like career site visits, Real World Projects, and STEM Talks that not only help young adults like Ramsha see what their future could be but actually allow them to experience their future now. That’s the hook –and Ramsha remembers it well.

“We learned everything by doing. We started the program with professional workshops that taught us how to present to potential clients,” says Ramsha. “We worked in teams to develop a business, think through strategy, understand the legal side of contracts. Lumity was the start of my career journey.”