This poem was written by an Amundsen High School student this semester. Lissette is in part of the co-curricular program Lumity has created with Amundsen to bring career readiness skills into the classroom at four grade levels for the entire spring semester.

Lissette was known to cut class all throughout the fall semester, but has made drastic changes in the third quarter. She now shows up on time every day. As part of the self-fulfilling prophecy assignment, Lissette wrote this poem. She has given us permission to share it here with her photo.

Hallways Don’t Educate
By: Lissette Avila

7:45 a.m.
I’m in school, but not in class
Seems like I’m always wasting time in these halls
I could be in class learning things I never knew at all
People say I’m cool, though I know I’m just a fool
So close to getting kicked out
Never thought this would happen
I didn’t believe that was my way out
One last chance is what I asked for
Figured I worked hard before to let this all go
In life I’ll have time to have fun
I won’t have to run from security in the halls
I’ll be free to do whatever I please
But right now, I can’t waste my time any more
The hallways aren’t educating me
So I’m going to class
Taking the right way
Doing what is best for me

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