Last Friday, January 23rd, three Chicago companies graciously opened their doors to more than 60 students to demonstrate technology’s role in vastly different industries.At United, students learned how technology is used to schedule flight attendants’ shifts, track airplane safety and maintenance work, and predict and communicate weather conditions to keep flights safe and on schedule. The students even tried their hand at the last part, working in groups to offer solutions to a potential flight delay due to a storm covering the southwest.The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired led students on a tour of Lighthouse Industries’ manufacturing center where wall clocks are made by visually impaired workers. Students spent the afternoon in the Tools for Living retail store and tried out tools and gadgets that allow low vision people to read, write, cook, travel and more. Dr. Elise Corgiat of the Low Vision Clinic demonstrated eyewear designed specifically to assist people with vision loss.

Accenture and Acquity Group hosted their third career site visit for area students.  After students toured the creative offices, they spent the afternoon planning and designing mobile apps to address opportunities to improve systems at school, working side-by-side with developers and software engineers.

More career site visits as well as STEM talks and real-world projects are planned for this spring semester. To find out how you can get involved or benefit from these programs, visit

The Chicago Lighthouse also wrote about the event on their blog. View the post here.