Querube Della Cella, Lumity’s Relationship Manager on

Finding Happiness: Lumity Volunteers

Querube Della Cella is Lumity’s go-to for all volunteer experiences and then some. It’s an awesome network that Querube manages: 300 STEM professionals from PwC, Accenture, Allstate, Deloitte, Kazoo HR, Walgreens, Cognizant—and now KPMG and Ferrara Candy too!

“Lumity experiences make volunteers and students feel comfortable quickly,” explains Querube. “Even if our volunteers and youth don’t know each other at the beginning of a STEM Talk or Real World Challenge, by the end, they are all talking together as if they’ve known each other for a long time. The connections that happen between students and volunteers—and between volunteers themselves— are really great.” 

Querube speaks from her own personal experience. A long-time nonprofit professional, Querube found Lumity through a posting on NPO.net and started with us as an office manager in 2017 before her promotion to Relationship Manager. She never worked with teens or young adults before, but here at Lumity, we all join in.

“When I was asked to plan an event with students, my first response was ‘What? No way I can’t do this,’ Querube laughs. “But I quickly saw how rewarding it is. The students have outstanding minds, so much energy, and such great attitudes. I learn so much from them and try to teach them something in return.”

Ready to find your happiness as a Lumity volunteer?  Join your STEM colleagues through Lumity’s professional network by contacting Querube at [email protected].