Our incredible partner PSAV held a career site visit for Amundsen High School students on March 4th. This site visit was unlike any before it for a few reasons. First, PSAV recorded the entire experience, creating the unique opportunity to relive the day and showcase what the students worked on. Second, students learned about the video recording process from start to finish as well as lighting, editing, and setting up an event.

Many students said their favorite part of the day was getting to use the equipment themselves. They each had a chance to try out the lights and soundboard, getting a feel for the how the technology worked.

Another highlight was the time spent with employees. “My favorite part of the trip was when we got to freely go and talk to the team and ask what they were responsible for,” said Carlos Mena. Students were encouraged to ask questions and be curious throughout the day.

There was only one complaint from the day. “Make the editing portion WAY longer,” suggested Jeny Castillo. That was her favorite part and she wanted to spend more time figuring it out and asking questions.

Take a look at the video courtesy of the PSAV team and read through our blog to learn about other partners and the exciting experiences they provide for Chicago students.