Signature STEM Activities

All youth deserve learning experiences that are meaningful, engaging, and create access to future opportunities.

Our Signature STEM Activities are customized for each of our STEM Career Prep and STEMWorks programs. Lumity’s signature activities engage Chicagoland youth in an array of invaluable STEM experiences and offer real ways for corporate volunteers to make a difference.

In-Classroom Interactive Lessons

Lumity’s STEM career readiness curriculum builds students’ professional skills and social-emotional competencies through interactive classroom lessons that are meaningful to STEM careers. Grounded in youth development research, Lumity’s signature lessons build upon each other so that youth progress against key indicators and reflect on their own development. Our lessons are organized into four strands:

  1. Career awareness, in which youth explore and discover their STEM interests and aptitudes;
  2. Skills-to-succeed modules, in which youth are intentionally taught professional competencies, such as growth mindset, self-management, giving/receiving feedback, and more;
  3. Inquiry-based STEM experiences, in which participants learn the design process by working in teams on a specific challenge, such as designing and using solar panels; and
  4. Building their personal brand focused on college/career planning, in which youth set academic and personal goals, build resumes and online profiles, learn interview techniques, and more.

Real World Projects

In Real World Projects, students work in teams with STEM professionals to design a solution to a school or community issue of interest to the team. Youth get a start-to-finish experience in design through learning to ask questions, problem-solve, generate ideas, collaborate, and present solutions to STEM business leaders. Students also develop their social-emotional skills, become conscious of their choices, and take responsibility—all skills valued by employers and necessary for budding entrepreneurs.

Real World Projects occur as classroom experiences over several weeks with each partner school having teams competing at culminating events at corporate hosts to determine which teams will present their solution at Lumity’s Annual STEM Fair.

STEM Talks

STEM Talks connect youth with STEM leaders who often share similar backgrounds with students. Lumity youth engage in small group conversations with STEM leaders who share past challenges and choices and bring to life what students are learning through examples of their own personal and career journeys. Students learn how STEM leaders leveraged mistakes into achievements, set goals, and navigated high school, post-secondary, job interviews, and daily STEM work life.  Lumity youth report that the STEM Talks help them imagine future possibilities and connect those possibilities to actions they can take.

Meet our STEM Talk Speakers.

Career Site Visits

Hosted by our corporate partners, Career Site Visits engage Lumity participants in interactive, on-site experiences about their industries, workplaces, and job roles. The Visits often include a corporate tour, conversations with STEM leaders to learn about their career paths, and job-related interactive projects. For many of Lumity youth, the Career Site Visits are often their first look into how business works and how STEM learning leads to career opportunities.