Real World Projects

Students get hands-on experience solving problems and learning skills directly applicable to the workplace. The projects provide an opportunity for students to get a start to finish perspective of solving problems relevant to their school and/or community, gaining a sense of accomplishment when they can see the impact of their work.

By pairing STEM professionals with student teams to work on a project, students learn how to think, generate ideas, collaborate and present their ideas. They also apply social-emotional concepts, become conscious of their choices, and take responsibility for their actions – all skills that employers desire.

There are three types of Real World Projects:

Classroom Experiences

In partnership with a small team of corporate volunteers and Lumity staff, teachers implement a challenge for students to solve in small teams over a series of several weeks. Corporate volunteers support the teachers in implementing the challenge and interact with students to help them hone their problem-solving and teamwork skills. Each challenge is integrated into school curriculum, helping students connect the dots between school and careers.

One-Day Challenges

Lumity partners with a corporate host to bring a group of students out of school and into their office. Students experience solving a problem over the course of a day while getting coaching from corporate volunteers. Watch how Health Care Services Corporation got creative ideas on a mobile app for their company while helping high school juniors and seniors gain invaluable experience working in teams, problem-solving and presenting their solution to judges from senior management.

Student-Based Enterprises (SBE)

Students accepted into the Student Based Enterprise get hands-on training to be part of a “company” providing technology needs assessments, website and mobile app development for real clients. During the school year, students meet for 30 Saturdays for 4 hours. Over the summer, Lumity employs a group of these students in a paid summer internship to create websites for local small community businesses and nonprofits. In addition to learning the technical skill of creating websites, students learn how to run a business, secure and serve clients in addition to Lumity’s STEM Career Readiness training. The program runs year-round with a new group of students hired in the fall.

Lumity partners with local schools to recruit the students and with business alliances to help secure clients. Watch these news clips to learn more about our current SBE, RPWebcreators.