Pre-Apprenticeship Pilot Program

A program designed to prepare recent CPS high school graduates for the requirements for entry into the workforce.

The Pre-Apprenticeship Pilot Program provides employment training and preparation for graduating high school seniors who do not have post-graduation plans. The program, which launched in May 13, 2019, partners with companies in manufacturing, healthcare, and technology industries to support a unique sub-group of youth.  

The curriculum focuses on developing a range of skills necessary for successful employment; a combination of teamwork, social emotional, self-awareness, problem-solving, critical thinking, and professional behaviors.

Students are provided with 120 hours of career readiness training to prepare them for interviewing for positions in healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. Additionally, students interested in interviewing for higher-level user-testing positions within the technology industry received up to an additional 120 hours of training before being placed in an Apprenticeship with potential employers.

Students that successfully complete the Pre-apprenticeship Training Program are eligible to be hired full or near full-time at one of the partner companies. To ensure the students’ success, Lumity staff provides ongoing support and mentoring throughout the first year employment.