Who wouldn’t want to spend a day at Google? Many professionals are excited to meet a real Google employee and hear about his or her job, so you can imagine a group of students from Amundsen High School were eager for their chance to do the same.Students from Amundsen spent the day at Google Chicago. Google did not disappoint them, either. Twenty-four high school juniors, who are part of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) College Prep Program, spent several hours on Monday, October 9, exploring the Chicago Google office and asking many, many questions.

On the last Friday in September, Lumity kicked off another school year of STEM career readiness with a career site visit to a new partner, Liquid Controls. This manufacturing powerhouse in Lake Bluff hosted eight juniors and seniors from Chicago Math & Science Academy in Rogers Park. [caption id="attachment_506" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Liquid Control employees talk about their roles. Students were assigned a project and learned the roles & departments that make up a manufacturing facility. They were given a specific customer order they need to fill. They were then presented with very broad instructions, experienced productivity, quality and customer disappointment issues.[/caption] The students toured the manufacturing facility and saw every step in the manufacturing process of large volume flow meters that measure the movement and transfer of liquids. This process illustrated the intersections of science, engineering, technology and math that come together to deliver a product to customers that measures large volumes of liquid to the 10,000th decimal place and to understand the how the product must be able to adjust for variances in temperature and other variables.