Become a Partner School

Lumity’s mission is to provide teens and young adults from underserved communities with transformational experiences to prepare them for lifelong STEM careers. Lumity’s program is unique in that it provides services both in high schools and out of school throughout the school year, over all four grades with a seven-year commitment with each school partner. We use the word partner intentionally because it is the “give and take” on both sides that creates a strong working relationship built on trust, respect and open communication.

Our goal is to help students succeed and to positively impact a school’s culture to continue implementing the program well after the 7 years. Lumity is committed to integrating its STEM program into the schools’ culture so that in years 5-7, the school takes leadership and responsibility for the orientation, implementation, and staff professional development.

To become a partner school with Lumity, please fill out this initial form and we will contact you to begin the process.