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Miguel Guerra, a STEM talk speaker for Lumity’s college and career readiness program, was named the Daily Point of Light for Volunteer Pro Bono Week. Points of Light is the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service. [caption id="attachment_206" align="alignright" width="300"]Miguel spoke with young adults at a local technical college about careers in technology. Miguel spoke with young adults at a local technical college about careers in technology.[/caption]   Miguel graduated from Roger C. Sullivan High School in Rogers Park, Chicago and now works as a wireless consulting engineer at CDW. He is raising three children with his wife and still finds significant time to volunteer with the youth of Chicago. miguel3     Miguel began working with Lumity in 2013 to share his story with students with the hopes of providing guidance and inspiration. Miguel brings real world experience to youth between the ages of 14 and 24 (both in and out of high school) in diverse, underserved neighborhoods of Chicago. He gives students a view into the possibilities for their own lives, because they can see themselves in his story of growing up poor, being drawn into a gang and his successful effort to leave gang life behind and build an IT career that allows him to provide for a life he never dreamed possible when he was in high school. His efforts can help students see the value of breaking the cycle of drugs and violence.

This week marks the halfway point for the participants of the Summer Youth Employment Program. In the last two and a half weeks, current and recent high school students aged 16-24 have learned valuable workplace and life skills and already received their first paycheck. (A previous post on Lumity’s blog offers more details about the program.) [caption id="attachment_184" align="aligncenter" width="584"]The whole group after completing week 1 presentations The whole group after completing week 1 presentations[/caption] The 34 participants formed three companies and designed a logo and company description. The three companies are:

You’ve probably heard that youth unemployment is high. In fact, it is more than twice that of the overall unemployment. High school and college students are finding it harder and harder to obtain a summer job or part-time job, due to the slowly recovering economy. Even worse, 5.8 million young adults aren’t connected to work or school. What can be done about it? How can education help? How can young adults gain the experience needed to get a job? Lumity and Tec Services, along with many other businesses around the state, are participating in the Summer Youth Employment Program. This program offers short term, paid opportunities to youth aged 16-24 who come from under-resourced communities.

Several employees from Slalom Consulting spent over three hours at Amundsen High School on a Friday morning at the end of the school year. This meant bells ringing every class period, music pounding between periods to motivate students to arrive to their next class on time...

This post was originally published on Built In Chicago. From teenagers starting high school to adults well past their intern days, job-seekers of all ages are offered a seemingly useless piece of advice: volunteer. But can volunteering really help build skills and provide a credible line on...

The students of Chicago Math and Science Academy and Amundsen High School started their week with some serious inspiration. Three wonderful achievers, Chandrika Shrinivasan and Anusha Challa of TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) and Miguel Guerra of CDW shared their stories of struggle, determination, education and success with over 115 students at the two schools. Miguel’s story is one of choosing the right path when facing a fork in the road. Miguel himself had started down a bad path early in life, struggling to keep a job and even spending time in jail. But he knew it was not too late to make a change. Now he’s an IT consulting engineer deploying wireless networks around the country. Guerra never received a college degree but worked to obtain nine certifications that help him in his work today.