All Stars win the STEM Saturdays Competition This past Saturday afternoon, more than 40 parents, volunteers and friends gathered at the Amundsen High School Auditorium to cheer for their favorite team in the Lumity STEM Saturdays competition. There were three teams of students, made up of rising seniors and recent high school graduates from Amundsen High School and Chicago Math & Science Academy. Each team presented the final project they’ve been working on for the past 12 weeks. With the help of volunteer coaches from Accenture, Allstate and GE Capital, these 13 students established a client relationship with local organizations, created a statement of work, established deliverables and implemented a plan to enhance the client’s web presence. Each group gave a presentation about their project, along with lessons learned and a demo of the website they created. The panel of judges were extremely impressed with the student’s work. In fact, the point difference between the three teams was so small, the judges suggested that each student in the other two teams also receive scholarship funds.

Volunteer with goIT!

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) is a long-time partner of Lumity. Together we’re working to increase student’s exposuregoIT, a program by TATA Consultancy services to and interest in STEM-related careers. This July, Project Exploration & goIT-student technology awareness program are hosting a three-day camp to teach students concepts of programming, but we can't do it alone! You can help TCS and Lumity inspire students by volunteering your time for goIT!

This spring, I had the opportunity to attend a Lumity STEM Career Readiness event at Instituto del Progresso Latino. Long-time Lumity partner and volunteer, Miguel Guerra, met with 10 students who previously expressed interest in learning more about technology. Guerra is a Senior IT Network Engineer at Microsoft and spent the afternoon teaching the students about Wi-Fi mapping. Not only did Guerra teach the students about cutting edge technology, he also shared the struggles he faced earlier in life and how he learned to overcome obstacles. He allowed students to ask anything about his life and Guerra provided guidance on socio-emotional development and personal awareness. Because of Guerra’s STEM Talk training from Lumity, his message was direct, well-received and relevant for many of the students. Guerra’s advice: when you see someone doing something you like or are interested in, ask them how they got there. [caption id="attachment_429" align="alignnone" width="2128"]Miguel Guerra teaches Wi-Fi mapping to students Miguel Guerra shares his personal and professional story with students and teaches Wi-Fi mapping at Instituto del Progresso Latino.[/caption]